Our Art


Easter 2020, Pastor Caiti asked us where we see signs of Resurrection and New Life around you this Easter Season? Here are some of the pictures we received in response to that wonder.

Palm Sunday

While we were not be able to enter into worship together waving our palm branches this year, 2020, we will still mark this Holy day. Pastor Caiti invited us to find/make/create your own Palm Branch for this Sunday to honor Palm Sunday in your home.


You may have noticed hand drawn Rainbows in some of your neighbors windows recently. This International movement is a way to bring joy and cheer to neighbors while social distancing and as a Thank You to those who must still leave their homes to work or care for others. This Past Sunday Pastor Caiti asked us to draw Rainbows and place them in our windows as a reminder to ourselves and others that God is still with us and we are still Loved.


For our Lenten journey of 2020 we were asked by Pastor Caiti to put some color to our Lenten call “Selah!” Selah is a Hebrew word found throughout the Hebrew Bible, especially in Psalms. The word suggests a shift, pause, break, or interruption as well as exhaling or resting from routine activities. Being in a season of Selah reminds us to stop, rest and refrain from business as usual in order to attend to the body, spirit, mind, soul, and heart. It is a time set aside for worshipers to connect their faith walk with the ways in which they live, move, and have their being throughout daily life.