photoDiscipleship small groups are a wonderful way to connect with God, connect with others, and connect with ourselves in new and powerful ways. A few things to know:

  • You are welcome and loved here, just as you are. Discipleship isn’t about knowing all the answers, covering over the mess or pretending we have it all together. The practice of following Jesus involves being honest and authentic with God and others, wherever we find ourselves.
  • We are all invited to grow. Doing church differently means we’re in for more than a Sunday-only kind of faith. Whether we are seasoned seekers or brand-new believers, God calls us all to go deeper. Where is the Spirit nudging you this season?
  • The spiritual journey is better with traveling companions. Even Jesus didn’t try to go it alone. Small groups help us to connect with others, to wrestle with the big questions and to find/create community together.



  • lpWe also partner with www.thefoundaltar.com which provides progress biblical commentary, devotionals,and commentary on current events from a faith perspective.